Employee Benefits Consultants


Client Success Story 

"The world of health insurance options is very confusing and very overwhelming. Williford has helped us to navigate that world by explaining to us what our options are and helping us to strike a balance between what's going to be best for our firm, economically, and what is best for our employees in terms of the costs to them and the benefits that they will receive."

Wallace Williams,
CFO, Trust Company of the South 
Burlington, NC

Health Insurance Specialists People you can talk to • Trusted advisors • Product experts

Personal Touch

Nothing is more frustrating than being passed along from person to person -- hoping that someone, anyone can answer your question.  We aren’t really into fancy titles and giving you an army of contacts.   You have enough to think about and don’t need a run around when you are trying to make benefits decisions.  So, our model is simple and effective.  You have a Lead Consultant, a Relationship Manager, and a Technical Analyst.


360-Degree Service

  • Lead Consultant – Primary contact for long-term strategies, renewals and other big picture decisions.
  • Relationship Manager – Your go-to person for daily issues, enrollment help, claims issues, resolving a bill.  Your relationship manager’s job is to make your life easier.
  • Technical Analyst – You may not often see or talk to your technical analyst, but he/she is working on your behalf behind the scenes, evaluating proposals, spread-sheeting your options,  and doing the detail work.  
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