What is the Williford Way?


Putting our Clients First 

When Kevin Williford founded Williford Insurance Group back in 1990, the employee benefits landscape was far different than now.  High deductible health plans were decades away, and the words “Affordable Care Act” did not evoke the passion they do today.  Yes, so much has changed -- but the way we serve our clients at Williford Insurance Group has not.  The core values that Kevin used to start our company more than 25 years ago remain the same today. 

  • Integrity-Driven Company – One would assume it goes without saying that a company should be integrity-driven.  Unfortunately in today’s business environment, the word integrity often falls behind other words -- like revenue and profit.  At Williford Insurance Group, integrity comes first every time.  Always has and always will.
  • Innovation – If the only thing for certain is change, then the only way to thrive when those changes come is to innovate.  Health Care Reform has caused seismic changes to employer-provided benefits, and it is here to stay.  Creative, outside of the box solutions will continue to be necessary, and Williford Insurance Group stands ready to help. 
  • Invested in Our Clients – Your company is important to us.  Your company is more than a group number or a line item on a commission statement.  The growth of Williford Insurance Group is due in no small part to the fact that our clients know we care.  We aren’t the largest agency or the flashiest agency.  Truth is, we find that’s not what most companies want.  Our goal is that you know that your company is a priority to us and that you matter.  We are invested in you.
  • Improve Outcomes – What good is a benefits broker if he/she doesn’t help you improve your current situation?  This can’t just be bidding your plan every year, trying to get better rates.  Any broker can do that.  There must be an overarching strategy, something more than a year to year game of hop-scotch from carrier to carrier.  Williford Insurance Group helps our clients craft long-term benefit strategies and solutions that improve outcomes.
Client Success Story

“What we appreciate about Williford Insurance Group is that they do their homework and do their research."
Richard Roach – CEO, S&R Textiles   

Archdale, NC    

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