Subsidy Eligibility

Am I Subsidy Eligible?

Many people are eligible for a government subsidy to assist them with their individual health insurance premium, but they don’t know it. We can help you figure this out. Subsidy eligibility is determined based on several factors:

  • Annual household income
  • Number of people in your household
  • Whether or not your employer offers you a group health insurance plan
  • If your spouse’s employer offers you a group health insurance plan


Yes, but if I get a subsidy isn’t that a government plan?

No.  The subsidy just helps you pay your premiums.  The actual plan is through a private insurance company (like Blue Cross Blue Shield).  Same as without the subsidy.

How do I apply for a subsidy?

Our licensed agents can help you do that.  We have assisted hundreds of individuals and families in applying for a subsidy through  This can be done with an in-person appointment or a phone interview.

So you can help me apply for a subsidy.  How much extra do I pay for an agent to help me do that?

Nothing!  Your cost is the same whether you use a local agency like Williford Insurance Group or apply directly through!  We are paid by the insurance carrier.  You get a local agent who you can actually talk to when you have a problem or question – at no additional cost to you!  Personal advice from experts who understand the law.

More questions?  Call us and we can help!  877-905-0007 or Contact us today.

Determine Your Eligibility

Answer these four questions to find out if you are eligible for a partial or full government health insurance subsidy. One of our health insurance specialists will contact you to discuss your eligibility status and insurance option. 

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